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Carefully crafted by husband and wife team Richard and Jolanda Heliview Flights offer helicopter experiences in and around Central Otago and the Southern Alps.


Marketing Consultancy

The first step with Heliview Flights was establishing what marketing support they needed as a business and what areas we could work on together. From here a quick marketing audit was undertaken to establish the next steps and work out what it was they needed to get the basics right, drive bookings and ultimately set them up for the 2020 winter season and beyond.


Marketing Audit

The comprehensive marketing audit (still on-going) entails a check up on everything Heliview were currently doing and how this could be improved. The pure aim of this audit and the following actions was to build the brand and increase bookings for this Winter season and beyond.


This covered reviewing the products on offer and ensuring they were clean and clear, enabling customers to make an easy purchase decision. It also included a brief review of prices and how they compared to other helicopter operators in the region.


Moving on to the places in which Heliview Flights are marketing we covered a review of all touch points – predominantly the website, social media and printed marketing materials. Adding emerging social media channels like LinkedIn where other tourism operators are very active is key. Different promotional channels are also being considered as we delve deeper.


Additional areas covered will include ‘people’ – marketing to stakeholders from independent travellers through to inbound tourism operators and regional tourism organisations. Processes will also be reviewed to ensure everything from the buying process, through to taking off is as seamless as possible.


Creative Copy Writing

Putting the plan into action began straight away with some creative copy writing for their unique Heli Fondue winter offering. An engaging webpage, combined with timely social media activity in time for their re-opening and school holidays was key. This was combined with a local PR reach out to ensure locals and domestic travellers were aware of Heliview Flights new adventure.


Communications & Social Media Planning

As part of our quick activations to drive bookings in time for school holidays we have started a communications and social media plan to keep customers and locals informed on when Heliview Flights are re-opening, their special locals deals, along with a competition featuring local partners to build the brand and drive engagement. Watch this space…

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