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The Importance Of Good Content

Content - it's a word thrown around a tonne recently but it is one of the most important elements of marketing in a world where consumers live the majority of their lives online.

You Need To Stand Out (Yep, Need)

With hundreds of brands jostling for people's attention on Google, Social Media feeds and in magazine, rubbish photography just doesn't cut it any more. In a world where photographs and now video are ruling the world of marketing, efforts spent on elaborate social media strategies with rubbish photos and a poor choice of words, just won't hit the mark and customers will pass you by.

Check out this ad for OnPoint below. Stopping people in their scrolling tracks with some punchy music clear messaging & call to action. A bit 'noisy' literally for many brands but if capturing attention is the key, it works.

You Need To Captivate People

Good content will help people imagine themselves doing business with your brand. Whether it's real people or models that perfectly match your brands target demographic or an aspirational image that makes them sit up and think 'I want to be there'. These are crucial to make people want to do business with you. You want content to be so good that they feel like they are missing out by NOT doing business with you. Don't underestimate the power of FOMO (fear of missing out for anyone not down with the millennials).

I mean, even if you're unlikely to do it at your next dinner party, who doesn't aspire to a champagne fountain? This kind of aspirational imagery can make people stop and pay attention.

You Only Have A Few Seconds

People's attention spans are more fickle than ever. TikTok means that the younger generation who are coming through have little more than 9 seconds to be entertained by something before they are more interested in what is next. I actually think 9 seconds is being pretty generous - it is probably more like nano-seconds you have to convince people that your picture or video is worth their time - yet alone your caption worth reading.

Does the video below capture your attention? It certainly did capture the attention of over 10,000 people on Instagram. Note: this is cropped and has the music removed, but you can check out the full reel and more from Burger Afloat here.

You Need To Be Better Than Competitors

The sheer fact is, that this is becoming a really basic part of marketing. Whether your business is a small cafe, restaurant that is already pumping, a business that's service is somewhat hard to pin down, it doesn't matter. The chances are your competitors are investing in theses areas.

If your competing against large brands, this is something even more important to consider. Believe me, big brands are investing in content creation in a big way. Working with the IHG (International Hotel Group) on the photoshoot for the brand new Holiday Inn at Remarkables Park I learnt that they have in house videographers and editors, in addition to contractors helping with social media and advertising.

On the other side of the camera to usual but this shoot gave real insight into the lengths big companies are going to, to get customers to pay attention.

Content Creation Is Worth Investing In

Yes, I am a marketing person, telling you to invest in marketing, so I wouldn't believe me either haha. But if you've got this far, keep reading. I can attest to the fact that as a consumer (for my Fitness & Nutrition business) investing in photography and taking the time to make videos is one of the best investments I can make in marketing my business. A professional photoshoot (two in fact) has given me content that last months. And I can tell you first hand business picks up when I take the time to post captivating content. When I slack off, get lazy, or post things I know aren't bang on - it shows. No you don't have to play with cucumbers... but if the content brings a smile to people's faces, even better.

I also have a number of clients who I can tell you amazing photography, epic videos and compelling words have transformed their business - featured throughout this article.

Is this something you are considering investing in or are you not yet convinced?

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