Marketing Workshops

September // October // November 2022


We are going to CHANGE the way you think about marketing! It will be fun, it will be based on data, and can fit seamlessly within your daily operations.

These events are available to attend online or in person - each marketing workshop is one hour, followed by a one hour Q&A where participants are invited to ask specifics that relate directly to their business, as well as workshop ideas and questions you may have relating to the course material.

You will see real life examples, receive exercises that apply to your own business, and take home tools to apply in your own marketing activities.


- E-Commerce Easy Wins
- E-Commerce Websites for Beginners
- Content Marketing
- Facebook Advertising
- SEO For Beginners

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Digital Awareness Programme

In partnership with the Cromwell Business Network Amy, Rosie & Ruth
are excited to announce our NEW marketing workshops!

If you have a business and want to improve your online presence and increase your traffic, conversions and sales, we have sessions to suit you.  Using the Digital Boost tools and helping you to develop an effective and strategic approach to your annual marketing activities.


These free workshops are limited because we want to make the learning environment super fun, intimate, and productive. To apply for the first round of workshops, pop your name on the list below. From there our team will be in touch to confirm the dates and times for you to attend the events, at a time that works best for your business. 

Develop Your Skills

Organic Social Media

Social media is a way to drive users to your website and to generate sales, leads, or bookings for your business. An organised and structured approach to your social assets will increase the ability for potential consumers to connect with your brand, and find you easily from wherever in the world they are located.

- Facebook
- Instagram
- Reels
- IG & FB Stories
- Tik Tok 

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Scott Ede Design Desktop Image.png

SEO For Beginners

It is a myth that you cannot create your own high value SEO content - That means the words that will help you attract a higher level of organic search traffic. (SEO = Search Engine Optimisation)  

With the ability to identify your business and products from your stakeholder and consumer point of view, you can craft messaging that will attract the right visitors. PLUS knowing how to use the tools available to you to identify the best key words and search terms to target will enhance all the copywriting you do

Facebook Ads & Tracking

We are going to tell you all our tricks
and tips for creating and scheduling your own, highly engaging social ad campaigns! You will find out how to increase your traffic, improve your own brand awareness and generate content easily that has relatable and long term value.

- Writing ads
- Tracking & reporting
- Ad placements
- Ad sets (audience groups)
- Targeting demographics
- Landing pages

Quartz Reef Wine - Central Marketing Co - Vintage Rose Photoshoot - Julia Gray Creative_CW

Building Assets

From planning and creation, to scheduling and execution we know that social posting can be overwhelming, and an added extra that takes up way more than the 5 minutes you thought it would when you sat down to post something. By taking a structured approach to your content creation, and messaging, your posting will be able to send more traffic and sales / bookings. It shouldn't be a chore... but for a lot of our clients it is not their main passion in life, so we will help you establish systems that make this part of your business feel much more achievable. The key is in the call to action, and finding people where they are!

- Content creation  
- PR
- Strategic messaging 
- Organic social media content 
- Blog writing

E-commerce Websites for Beginners

From getting started to maximising your existing platform, you will learn about improving the customer journey and understanding the highly valuable information available to you for free via Google Analytics.

- Products, collections and pages

- How to structure your data
- Analytics tools (A/B testing, lucky orange, google analytics)
- Survey's and engagement tips

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Tannacrieff Wines - Central Otago Port - Debra Cruickshank - Central Marketing Co. _CWF066

E-commerce Easy Wins

Good quality traffic is the key! How are you managing the cycle from the first visit, to subsequent purchase and how can you enhance both the amount of traffic, and the likelihood of traffic doing what you want it to (buying or booking!).

- Email marketing
- Yield management
- Organic posting
- Paid advertising
- Blogs and raw content

About Us

Amy Neilson is highly skilled in helping businesses engage new and emerging markets in both the tourism and e-commerce sectors. Rosie Graystone brings an ability to benchmark your current position and increase your market share through compelling content and precise digital marketing. Ruth Stuart is an SEO expert with a complete understanding of how to interpret and use information supplied by Google Analytics to enhance your digital presence, and refine your marketing activities to provide the highest ROI.


Behind them are a team of content, data and strategic marketing experts to help bring your marketing to life through a series of processes that you can apply to your brand. Utilising the tools available through the digital boost program and accelerating your learning through a hands on and practical approach, we are excited to help you grow your business.