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Recently featured on Flywire, Alpine Luxury Tours is a Queenstown based luxury tour provider specialising in ensuring both international and domestic visitors experience New Zealand in ways no-one else can. Making unforgettable adventures is at the core of what they do.


Marketing Consultancy


As the reality of COVID-19 set in Alpine Luxury Tours decided now was a great time to re-evaluate current marketing efforts. For this unique situation we worked closely with Lee to analyse their current customers and how this may be likely to change in the current months and beyond. Discussions involved the best use of marketing efforts over the next three months, readjusting target markets and marketing channels (with the overseas travel ban preventing trade show attendance and sales trips) in line with the changing situation. We also walked through a platform that would enable Alpine Luxury Tours to share their wonderful content across multiple social media channels at once, enabling them to share content quickly and easily and simultaneously manage engagement.


Copy Writing


The second aspect of this marketing support involved compiling, editing and polishing both existing and brand new content for the Alpine Luxury Tours blog. At a time like this creating and sharing engaging content in order to build excitement and maintain positivity around why both individuals and travel agents should visit New Zealand was key. 


Positive Feedback


A number of engaging long form articles on both exclusive experiences and multi-day tours have created new and exciting content for Alpine Luxury Tours to share on both social media and with travel agents, crucially in Australia and around the world. This has ensured great engagement both on and offline despite the current tourism climate. 

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