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Marketing 101


We're passionate about helping you get started. If you are just starting up, or perhaps you have an established business that could do with a revamp in the way you communicate with customers, we can help.


From establishing a brand and tone of voice to setting up things such as websites, email newsletters, social media pages and more to help you reach customers in the best way possible, maximising every dollar your spend.



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Branding goes well beyond your logo. The images you use, your tone of voice and everything aspect of your business the customer sees goes into building what they believe about your business.


I can help you set the right tone, select the right imagery and choose the right words to help you truly reflect your business, goals and daily activity in everything you do.

Why bother with good design? We live in a visual word, where images, videos and design can tell a thousand words. If your logo, website, premises or marketing materials need a refresh or if you are looking for advice on how to improve the designs you are using to maximise your message, products and services we can help. 


Content Creation


From brilliant blog articles that improve your results in search engines, to captivating videos that capture the attention of potential customers, we can help you create content that gets you noticed.


Whether it is engaging social media posts, sourcing inspirational imagery, arranging photo or video shoots, we are well versed in making sure your content marketing is the best it can be. 


Marketing Strategy

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What goes into an effective marketing strategy? Everything - from the product or service you are offering, to the price of your services, the places you are offering them, how you are promoting them and to whom – all these factors add up to deliver an effective way to grow your business.


Are you reaching your customers and potential customers effectively? If so, how many times are they seeing your message? If you have customers already, how many of those customers are advocates of your business? All important questions we can help you to answer.

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Social Media

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Social Media can be a minefield of message and a confusing marketplace to try and promote your business. Whether you are just starting out and need social media channels set up, advice on which ones to use or how to get started with advertising we can help.


If you have social media pages and need help with content and how you communicate with your customers we can also help. Engaging content, that accurately reflects your business and what you offer is key and we can help you get there.


Building Trust

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With hundreds of businesses jostling for space on social media feeds and in Google search results making your brand stand out as trustworthy is key to capturing a customer’s attention.


Gaining feedback from customers or asking for reviews can be a tricky business that we can help you with. A positive review from a real customer goes a long way to building trust with a potential customer that may not know you – yet…


Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is key to operating a successful business in this day and age. If we aren’t effectively reflecting what we offer offline, online, there is a chance that many of our customers and potential customers do not know what we’re up to.


If you need help with anything from website design, to user experience tweaks, or assistance with social media, we can help.


PR & Communications

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Relevance, engagement and excitement is key to getting your business noticed. Whether you are looking to write a press release, get your business featured in the press or simply find a newsworthy angle to capture people’s attention, we can help.


Aside from the press, how you communicate with your customers on a daily basis is key. We can help you to come up a with communications strategy, adapt what you are already doing, or build a communications calendar as a framework to get you started. 

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