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Cromwell, New Zealand

Radiance Facebook Page

"I love love love the photos, so so happy. I can feel the weight lift already 
Thank you. "

Jo Thomas - Radiance Owner

Jo and her team are absolute experts at what they do. They offer world class skincare, massages, LED treatments and more from their incredibly relaxing spot centred in the heart of Cromwell. You walk in and feel the real world melt away!

As a business owner Jo has plenty on her plate and in her words social media has always been a bug bear. She knows what to do but as she put it she didn't want it to be OK she wanted it to be epic!


The first order of business was reflecting exactly what Jo and the team offer offline, online. We needed more physical evidence of their amazing knowledge and natural credentials where people live these days - online and on social media.

To showcase the plethora of knowledge we worked collaboratively to come up with a weekly 'Beauty Secrets' series to showcase their expert knowledge in an informative and engaging way that customers and potential customers could look forward to on a weekly basis.


We worked on a comprehensive shot list and crafted a photoshoot with local photographer Julia Gray Creative. High quality, real, authentic and aspirational imagery is key to good social media and creating a premium brand. 

The shoot took in all the crucial aspects of what makes Radiance Skin & Day Spa unique. From the expert team, personalised training, natural products, unbeatable environment and more. We used a selection of friends and colleagues as models to reflect Radiance's target markets and took the time to include details like the ability to book and buy online.


Jo was keen to increase awareness of high value treatments like the LED that not many people knew about. So our communications plan includes a strong focus on these scientifically backed treatments to increase awareness and skew the services being booked from basic facials, massages and tans to a deeper skin journey.

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