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3 Business Insights I Wish I Had Known When I Started

To kick off my blog I thought it best to start at the beginning. This article is going to cover a few things that I WISH I had known when I started my own business. I reckon it's worth a read (I'll try and keep it quick) and then I recommend heading out for a walk and a good think about what you've just read.

Get Clarity On What You've Set Out To Accomplish

So many of us launch into because we don't know what else to do (thanks COVID haha), or because we find ourselves so valuable to other people, that people actively demand our services before we've really even had the time to think about what we're offering.

Do yourself a favour and whether you're brand new, launching or well established, take some time out to consider what success in business really looks like for you.

It could be:

- Being the biggest and best at what you do

- Making more money

- Genuinely wanting to actively help the people you're serving make their lives better

- Have more time to spend with friends and family

- The flexibility clock off at 2pm to go and play golf every Thursday (naming no names)

To name a few. It can be anything you want it to be. But it needs to be clear.

Take Time To Work On Your Business As Well As In It

A nugget of wisdom I thankfully learnt relatively early on! I see so many business owners claiming to be so busy working 'in' their business, they have no time to work 'on' their business.

In my experience this tends to be a recipe for bitterness and struggle long term. Taking time out to (again) clarify what you want and what you might like your business to look like in a month, a year, five years or ten years should help you feel happier about turning up each day with a view to the journey ahead.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they 'just don't have time' for social media, whilst simultaneously telling me they need more (insert goal here: customers, money, online sales) I reckon it'd be a lucrative income in itself.

Taking the time out to edit and upload this video I took at The Cloudy Bay Shed felt like a real indulgence and 'waste of time' because I wasn't working on helping someone else with their business. Months (and now years) on, along with new images, it's won me clients who love the look and feel of the website. Take the time.

Invest In Tools, People & Yourself

So, this is a pretty broad one that I'll hopefully delve into deeper in further articles. But it's so common to see business owners struggle through, without the correct tools, support or investment in themselves.

Tools - whether it's the latest iPhone to make sure your reels are crystal clear rather than a blurry mess, or a laptop that works without being plugged in (more common than you'd know...) or even the willingness to invest in assets like a website, great photos or video. Don't let rubbish tools in a barrier and cause of frustration.

People - whether it's employing a new team member to support day to day running, employing a kid who knows how to use TikTok or having a conversation with a marketing person, surrounding yourself with people who can help you build your business to be bigger and better is gold.

Yourself - For ages I was battling with the fact that my morning exercise routine would sometimes eat into what I used to consider a 'traditional' work day. If I wasn't at the desk by 8:30 everything was going to fall apart right? Wrong. I personally found that exercising for longer in the morning made me FAR more able to sit still at a screen for longer during the day before I had the urge to get up and move again. It also cleared my brain to start the day right. As Steve Bayliss says in Branded Culture - wash your brain daily. And as a very good friend of my Paula Moore pointed out - it's 'CEO' time that means you can turn up to your business and your customers with better energy.

No matter how you choose to invest in your business or yourself, it's important stuff.

What elements of these three things do you feel like you're missing?

What can you do today, tomorrow, this week to make some changes?

Does it resonate with you?

Any questions, comments or feedback, drop me a line. And if you're keen on a bit of a business clarity session to try and work through a few of these things, get in touch.

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