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4 Really Common Social Media Mistakes

No. 1 - Not Understanding The Value

I regularly come across people still nervous about whether or not social media is likely to help their business. People are (sadly) spending hours and hours and hours engrossed in their phones on a daily basis.

They use social media to research, scroll, relax and even buy. The chances are, even if you've got a physical shop front, most people will be more likely to find you online than come across your physical store.

No.2 - Posting Photos & Reels Without Captions

I know this one may sound painfully simple to some of you but I see it quite often. You have to remember that on social media if people don't already know your brand, a photo without any kind of information on exactly what it is, is unlikely to lead to much engagement.

Talk to people in your captions, show them you are interested in them and have interesting things to share. They say 95% of the world are waiting for the other 5% to talk to them. Make sure you're in that 5%. There is also the added aspect that with no hashtags your post will be much harder to discover.

No. 3 - Overthinking It

When it comes to social media (especially for your business) you need to try and remove your ego from the equation. I see countless incredibly business owners overthinking what to post and ending up with a messy message or worse of all not posting anything at all.

Despite this article, the truth is, you can't go too far wrong. If you've got five minutes and something interesting happening, you should be able to make it happen. Of course I know really amazing, strategically planned social media takes a considerable amount longer than that. But if it's a case of posting something or remaining silent. Go for gold. The sad truth is that far few people will be paying active attention to how 'cool' captivating or on trend your content is.

Feeds move so quickly, it's important not to worry about what other people think too much. The other way to look at it, is that, if they don't like what you're doing, they probably wouldn't be a dream customer anyway!

No. 4 - Worry About Spamming People

I hear this one a lot from really astute business owners who are already using social media. Won't posting 3 times a week annoy people? The truth is absolutely not. Feeds move so quickly these days the latest stats I have researched say that the optimal frequency and regularity of posts and stories to drive traffic to your website is Posting 1-2 times per day, alongside 10-20 stories. That is PER DAY.

So, next time you worry about considering a 3rd or 4th post in a week... don't think, just go for it.

For any questions or strategic support with your social media, feel free to drop me a line to

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