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The Hidden Value Of Marketing Support

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The value of marketing support is pretty obvious for many businesses. Building a brand people recognise, growing sales, improving brand visibility or even getting a business off the ground. It's all pretty easy stuff. But what a lot of people are missing is the hidden value a business can gain from marketing support.

What Businesses Want From Marketing

- Direction

- To build their brand

- Build a website

- To increase sales

- Grow their bottom line

- Keep in touch with their customers

- To learn how to use social media effectively

These are all some of the key reasons people come to me or reach out to a marketing agency more generally. What these goals don't take into account is the emotional, psychological and cognitive gains that business owners and managers can get from working with a support partner. Sometime to work on your business whilst you work in it. Or vice versa.

Marketing Touch of Spice luxury properties from the house itself, preparing for a content creation session, whilst the rest of the office kept busy strategising and taking bookings.

The Hidden Value Of Marketing Support

What a lot of people don't realise is what is actually possible when you get someone else on your team. It runs so much deeper than simple support and monetary gains. Lifting the burden of time spent worrying about what to post, trying to work out social channels you're not sure of, driving traffic to a website that people don't buy from.

Wine (and Port) making requires a huge amount of time and commitment. Working together means there is less of a worry about keeping the conversation going with customers. P.s. Debs Port is delicious - check it out here:

What Businesses Can Achieve

- The mental enjoyment of knowing your brand is supported

- Space to think about other areas of the business that you love

- A sounding board to bounce ideas off

- Insights, inspiration and ideas beyond what you may have thought possible for your business

- The visibility of looking at your business from the outside

- An ability to speak confidently about aspects of your business you may feel shy about

- Time...the one true finite resource we have

Questioning The Value Of Marketing

It is crucially important to question the value of what you spend on marketing. If you are yet to start investing in marketing this is something you should consider.

Beyond the monetary gains of beginning to sell online, growing your brand and your business, what cognitive space could you achieve? If you're finding marketing your business hard, constantly juggling the operations, staff and sales - what could you achieve both financially and psychologically with a little help?

Why Companies Who Invest Win In The Long Run

It could be that investment now pays you in huge dividends later…

- The ability to work smarter not harder

- Ability to manage any aspects you want yourself

- Support for areas that you can’t

- Real business results (more sales or enquiries than you ever imagined)

If you've keen to find out more about which areas you should be focussing on or if you are ready to book a strategy session, get in touch...

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